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The Task

We had to source and manage the entire supply chain for UnShrinkIt, a first of its kind formulation that unshrinks shrunken sweaters.  We also had to create the brand, logo, package design, and sales collateral.

The Strategy

We would create a brand identity that captured the product’s strengths. We also had to find cost effective sources for the components and packaging, while simultaneously finding the right contract manufacturer to produce the entire product.  Lastly, we had to find the warehousing and distribution, so the client could focus entirely on building sales channels.

The Execution

We vetted the right vertical partner at extremely competitive pricing, which afforded the client the opportunity to sell into major retailers.

The Success

The product appeared on Shark Tank and received funding from Mark Cuban. Then, it landed a major account in Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Today, it is an ongoing, profitable business selling in thousands of stores globally. 52 Launch manages the entire supply chain including manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution to both domestic and international markets.  

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