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52Launch has proven there is a better way of getting your idea to market. Our method minimizes risks and pivots while maximizing results. With rapid prototyping, social media, crowdfunding, and online selling, everyone can bring their ideas to life. We have the technology, resources, and partners needed to get your idea LAUNCHED! #get52launch





What they're saying

We were excited to find a team like 52Launch. They helped us find all the solutions needed to get our idea into production. After we launched they’ve been invaluable helping scale up production and manage fulfillment.

Nate Barbera & Desiree Stolar

Unshrinkit Co-Founders
Our company prides itself on manufacturing everything we design within 100 miles of us. 52Launch helped us find the perfect manufacturer, package designer and handled the entire process for us.

Dave Laituri

Onehundred Co

Our Capabilities

What we'll do


If you can dream it, we can build it. Our design and prototype engineers can figure out how to get your idea working


We know what people like to see and how to make them go WOW! When people are WOW'd they take action.


We have domestic and global manufacturing partners who can handle any idea and bring it to life. Our network buying power and vetted sources reduce cost and eliminate risk.


We have been packaging many of the top brands in the world. Selling on a shelf, online or at a trade show, we can handle it all!


Building a social media campaign that is synchronized with your message and brand is a key element in audience building and product validation.


With social media, physical & digital demonstrations, crowdfunding, angel investors, and many emerging options, everyone has a shot at realizing their dreams.

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If you require a non-disclosure agreement please email NDA@52Launch.com

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