Rhino wallet

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The Task

We had to CAD Design the wallet from an idea off of a napkin, while adding features that everyday people would find useful.  We also needed to build a complete brand and an organic social media audience. After that, our next step was to find an overseas manufacturer.  Lastly, we had to test the product, get feedback from the social media audience, and create a crowdfunding campaign.

The Strategy

We would create multiple designs and then pre-test the product, using an audience with which the wallet would resonate.  We would also choose the colors that would inspire and illicit sales. In addition, we searched for the right manufacturer that could could scale with the growth of our clients business. Our last step was to create the brand, including the name of the product, and to find a charity to associate with.

The Execution

We were able to find and work with a manufacturer with scalability, as well as volume price breaks.  After sampling the designs, we made timely corrections to the product, without missing any deadlines.  We also handled the entire supply chain, including the warehousing and distribution to HSN.

The Success

Because of our help, the product sold into HSN and, using our FBAP, successfully executed direct to consumer online sales.

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