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The Task

Build a brand new brand for a new product that has never been seen.  Logo work, tag-line, website (shopify) and all other collateral needed to launch a product/product line.

Build an organic audience to help promote the launch.  Manufacture the product overseas and manage the entire supply chain.

The Strategy

After creating the entire brand, develop the product through CAD and create a working prototype in house for marketing purposes as well as demo purposes.  Create content with the working prototype and send sample, along with CAD drawings to vetted factories for pricing.

The Execution

Great content built before ever going to production to receive feedback that may or may not warrant a full production order.  The feedback was so tremendous the client decided to go to production and increase his order from his original thinking.

The Success

Product is on the way from plant and will be ready to sell online and through other retail channels in July 2019.

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