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The Task

Weeks after our client placed order with their factory in China, we had to jump in and fix the supply chain issues the clients were having with their multiple product line-up with their non-vetted factory.

Build an organic audience to find influencers to help sell product online through several online sales channels including Amazon, FB and Instagram.

The Strategy

Understand fully the issues the factory was having.  Managed the factory with our factory partners to get the project back on track.  Vet multiple factories that we will switch to on the future orders. These factories will be offering better quality, better lead-times and much better overall pricing.  Source new products that can be integrated into the product offerings.

Engage with organic audience and reach out to influencers and brand ambassadors to set up a link as resellers to help move the products.

The Execution

Built a perfect vertical supply chain that allows for all products to be made under one roof eliminating extra shipping costs.  All shipments are inspected by our 3rd party inspection team resulting in better quality and lead-times.  Sourced and sampled new products for the overall product offering which creates additional revenue and more profit.

Reached several brand ambassadors and influencers through our Ping Box program.


Managed to get production back on track and shipped on agreed delivery date.  Vetted 2 new factories to take over on all new orders decreasing price, increasing margin and delivering a better overall product.  Increased product line by sourcing new products at better pricing that relate the main product client was selling.

Currently advertising product on FB/IG….

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