Hurt Skurt

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The Task

Build a new brand in the sports therapy space that stands out with style and innovation.  Develop an organic social media audience that will be the brand ambassador to Hurt Skurt. Find multiple factories to manufacture a quality first and price conscience product.  Help bring this revolutionary product to market.

The Strategy

Understand what the product does for the consumer and what the consumer may want to see in addition to what the entrepreneur’s thoughts may be.  Vet a bunch of qualified factories and choose 2 that stand out from the rest in quality, “on-time” manufacturing and price. Research what markets would most be likely to purchase and reach out to discuss opportunities.

The Execution

Built a solid audience with original content.  Audience has started to ask where they can buy.  Built the supply chain with the perfect manufacturing partners and reached out to retailers who are looking for samples.  Pricing was right inline with where we needed to come in so we were able to maintain margin for wholesalers and retailers while offering a value to the end-using consumer.


Product is shipping from the factory in June 2019 and direct to our four distribution warehouses strategically located throughout the US for one day shipping to everywhere in the US.  Sent samples to major retailers and are awaiting Purchase Orders!

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