Egg mazing

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The Task

52 Launch was tasked with finding and managing the right overseas manufacturer to deliver the Eggmazing Egg Decorator at the best possible pricing, without compromising quality, while ensuring delivery for the Easter Holiday.

The Strategy

We vetted a half dozen vertically integrated manufacturers to produce and QC all the different components that were part of the overall BOM.

The Execution

Upon completion of the vetting process, which included a thorough visit to the factory, 52 Launch secured an approved manufacturer and managed daily/weekly results which were continuously communicated with the client.

The Success

We successfully delivered the product between Dec 15th and January 30th , in time to capitalize on Easter sales.  In addition, an Influencer purchased an Eggmazing Egg Decorator and went viral (13+ million views), after creating a video of herself decorating an egg . All 10,000 units sold within 72 hours.  During the same year, Eggmazing appeared on Shark Tank and was funded by Lori Grenier.

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