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The Task

We had to create a new name, brand identity, and packaging for an existing failed skin clarifier.  In turn, we had to generate content designed to identify and test target markets, build an organic audience, and develop an integrated marketing and advertising campaign.  

The Strategy

We would compete with big players in the skincare space by highlighting ClariFast’s numerous competitive advantages.

The Execution

52Launch repositioned, rebuilt, and repackaged ClariFast. We focused on the use of natural ingredients, to contrast the harsh chemicals used by competitors. In addition, we explained the ease-of-use of a one-step product versus the multi-step process required by the competition, as well as pointed out the quick results ClariFast was able to achieve. We also targeted micro influencers to test the product, and then share their reviews to their social media followers. Lastly, we gauged feedback to determine the target demographic.

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