About 52 Launch

A few words about us

52 Launch helps people with ideas get to market. How many times have we all said, "I had that idea" when we see an item on the shelf, TV or internet. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and each of us has an idea that could be revolutionary, disruptive, life-changing or just a better way to do something. There are three areas we help people with ideas... 1. We work for you, while you go to work! 2. We know exactly where to start and get your idea off the ground! 3. We have the resources and network to get an idea from napkin to market! There are many more reasons you'd consider us, but that's a good start!

We always look for a long-term opportunity rather than short term gains. Our success is based on making you a success. We don't take that lightly!


The Team

The Guys behind all this

Daniel Gonyea

Gets it done right!

Peter Drakulich

There's always a way!


Product Chew Tester

Claudio Carneiro

Keeps chaos organized

Our clients, partners & resources

Let's launch something great together

If you require a non-disclosure agreement please email NDA@52Launch.com

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