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Framingham, MA – Sourcentra, a leading global integrator, is expanding its “concept-to-distribution” business model through its new brand 52Launch with a new and innovative product.

The products were brought to Sourcentra by inventors looking to bring their products to retail markets. Developed by Harvard grad students Desiree Stolar & Matt Kahn, Unshrinkit is a formula that, when applied to a shrunken garment, allows the fibers to “remember” their embryonic shape and stretch back out to the size of the original sweater/shirt. Sourcentra manufactures the formula, packages it and handles all phases of retail distribution.

The young entrepreneurs behind Unshrinkit made an appearance on a November 2015 episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, and were lucky enough to be offered a deal by investor Mark Cuban.

The 52Launch team is very excited about Unshrinkit’s success and looking forward to continuously supporting them as their business grows.

Click here to view Unshrinkit’s appearance on WCVB’s Chronicle’s Problem Solvers.

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