All Natural Energy!

We all know what happens when you get your energy from sugar based products. It’s a flash in the pan and it doesn’t help you with endurance.

Enter Juti┬áBar, the all natural, minimally processed energy bar with less than 10% total sugars. This 200 calorie bar is a perfect meal and snack replacement option. This is the perfect bar that will give you the endurance, strength, and energy to keep you going. Even if you’re not living the active life, these may be the perfect weight loss bars you’re looking for.┬áThere are 10 simple ingredients and with oats and chia seeds that expand in your body and satisfies your hunger cravings.

Because JutiBar is 100% raw and organic it can’t be sold from a shelf. The best practice that’s recommended is to keep them frozen and take out what you’ll be eating over the next few days. The bars will last for a year in the freezer, 14 days in the fridge and are good for about 2 to 3 at normal temperatures as long as they are in the wrapper.

JutiBar is a lifestyle product for those who are looking to eat healthy when they are on the go. To order your JutiBars, just click here!

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