Is it Time for Manufacturing?

That is a question that every person with an invention or idea has to answer.¬†This article is a great one to help you answer the “Are you ready?” questions.¬†Click here for the full article on Indiegogo. Now, the real answer to the question is… when you have enough money?

Now the easier way is to #get52launch to help you figure these things out. As we said, we have a different approach to getting ready for a product launch. Tooling and manufacturing are single handily the biggest barriers to entering a market with a new idea. Many times inventors are spending so much time seeking cost of production answers which they have no ability to finance.

The focus should be minimal viability cost (MVC). Ok. stop scratching your head, what it means is instead of trying to get the lowest production price, get some working units in peoples hands at a higher per unit cost, but a fraction of the full production cost. Now the people we are talking about are not just any consumer. We are looking to find the people who are experts, infulencers, critics, and anyone who is an authority in the space of your idea or product.

From there our secret sauce lets us get real feedback and a strong gauge of what the market response will be.


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